Which Ivy league School Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out!


Have you ever wondered which of the eight ivy league schools you’re most like? Take this quiz to find out!

Samir Tusneem, Staff Writer

If you could attend any Ivy League school, which one would it be? When answering this question, it’s important to determine which school would fit you best, and that is dependent on your personality, your intended major, the environment, the campus life, and more. With that being said, here is a quiz that you can take to determine which Ivy League school matches with you.

DISCLAIMER: This quiz was made by a junior in high school, so results may or may not be accurate. In other words, if you had to apply to only one Ivy League school, it is probably not the best idea to use this quiz as the determinant factor.

Link to the quiz: https://www.tryinteract.com/share/quiz/60218938a780340017f4fd19