Humans of GH: Nasir Braswell


Nasir Braswell, Grade 12

Anaam Amin

Introducing Nasir Braswell, a talented actor and senior at Green Hope High School. He’s been an avid participant of the Green Hope Theatre Department, and shares his dreams and motivations regarding his craft. Nasir’s passion and grit will be continued at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll accomplish next!


“I would say my deepest passion is Theatre, every time I’m acting or just simply involved with it; it’s like all time stops and I’m living in a dream, Theatre allows me to use my imagination and makes me feel like a little kid again. Over quarantine I was able to audition virtually for my dream college in AMDA and I got in. I give nothing but praise to the Green Hope theatre department, all my friends who motivated me and especially Mr. Gorski for seeing potential in me.”

How did you first get into theatre and acting? Did anything in particular inspire you?


“I started acting officially in my junior year of high school, back in 4th grade I took a drama class and I always remember the costumes and the joy I had coming into the room that day and doing our little plays, so when coming to Green Hope I wanted to see how I can do in a more advanced course.”

Are there any other memories of theatre that you cherish or that mean a lot to you?


“Definitely I would say the last night we got to perform Wizard of Oz because we all felt adversity and pressure knowing it could be our last night with COVID-19 coming down on us, and going off an already good performance in opening night we all just confided in one other and for the lower class we wanted to make sure the Class of 2020 went out with a bang because they deserved it.”

You said you got into AMDA, congratulations! Besides attending, what other plans do you have for the future?


“I definitely just want to put myself out there and be open to anything and just learn as much about the business as I can and hopefully be on the big screen one day so all my family and friends can see me. Also I would like to pursue a Masters degree so I can be a theatre teacher so I can always have options.”

About becoming a theatre teacher, you previously mentioned GH theatre teacher Mr. Gorski and his support. Are there any other people, friends, or even famous actors that you’ve taken inspiration from?


“Definitely Al Pacino and his ability to adapt and be flexible, my friend Kysean Lyons who goes to Broughton he inspired me to always be humble and to look at acting as life and to just enjoy it without thinking about anything else, my friend Mohammed inspires me to be tough and to always work hard and to run though whatever is in front of me and to not give up.”

Is there anything about theatre or acting that you’ve struggled with or had to overcome?


“I would probably say nervousness and getting in my own head before a show or audition because you wanted to put out the best showcase of your abilities and worry about how people may perceive it.”

How have you worked to minimize that obstacle?


“Every time before I perform I take a minute to pray or I’ll text my mom or grandmother so they can give me words of encouragement.”

Do you have any tips/tricks/advice for any people just starting out?


“I would say find your purpose don’t look at acting for just big roles and money and benefits because at the end of the day it will only get you so far, be open to anything chances are that role that you think is little can be the one that suits you perfect, make mistakes because that is what makes you better and just keep grinding and make friends along the way because that is the most underrated thing in the world of theatre because through everything you become a family and will have created experiences that will last a lifetime thankfully I was able to have that when I came to Green Hope.”

Really insightful! Is there anything else that you’d like to add or share to readers?


“I hope everyone is doing well during the pandemic and staying healthy 🙏”


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