Student Wins MasterChef Competition While Attending Class

The first ever virtual MasterChef competition was held from Monday to Wednesday of this week, and Green Hope Sophomore Sarah Townsend came away with the trophy! When her win was announced, she was quick to thank everyone who helped her get there: “Thanks to my parents for teaching me my culinary skills, and to my high school teachers who graciously allowed me to participate during class time!”

When we asked Sarah’s biology teacher his feelings on her accomplishment, he said, “Well, I had no idea she was doing that during class time but good for her! She may have missed some notes though.” In fact, none of her teachers knew this was happening; they just thought Sarah was in class with her camera and mic off (like any other day). 

Sarah isn’t the only Green Hope student who’s taken advantage of virtual school for extracurricular achievement. Other students have done exceptional things such as learning to play guitar, creating impressive sidewalk chalk murals, becoming a famous influencer on TikTok, building entire houses, wearing 5 masks at once, winning the Go Fish world championship, attending online school from all 50 states, consuming 10 liters of soda in one sitting, creating a startup company, crushing Olympic world records, and participating in the longest FaceTime call ever – all while maintaining perfect attendance! 

Despite the magnitude of some of these achievements, it’s widely known which one is truly the most amazing: the perfect attendance certificate that can be printed and framed on the wall (right next to the world records).

The incredible award every student strives to get: perfect attendance. (Lucas Moore)