Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Friends


Nidhi Patel, Staff Writer

If you are in a relationship or single on Valentine’s day, it’s always a good idea to celebrate with your friends who love you. This is why we have few ideas on what to do on Valentine’s Day with your friends or people who you love. If you are looking to have a relaxing evening with your friends and family, there are activities that will fit every form of vibe, both virtual and in person. Even those who are not Valentine’s Day fans can’t deny spending time with their favorite people, reminding them of their affection. After all, the 14 February spent with your friends will ensure that your time is one of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day with the ones you love.


  1. Send some flowers

Keeping COVID-19 in mind, sending some flowers will be a perfect idea. According to the language of flowers, you can send yellow roses, ivy, irises, or even Lily of the Incas as a symbol of your friendship.


2. Pack a Picnic

Eating outside is something that gives you a great taste for everything. Have each friend put together a picnic basket, go to a nearby park or walk to a picturesque place to watch the sunset.


3. Marathon Chick Flick and Junk Food Night

Just pick a night during valentine’s day week and gather all your friends, all your favorite cheesy romantic movies, tons of snacks, and of course tissues. 

Few ideas for cheesy romantic movies:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • The Notebook
  •  Casablanca
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • Runaway Bride
  • Pretty Woman 

Few ideas that aren’t cheesy

  • Blue Valentine
  • Amelie
  • Call Me By Your Name
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • 50 First Dates
  • Bridesmaids


4. Host a Valentine’s Day with Friends party

Just get together and dance, eat and share some love with each other. If you can’t get together, host the virtual party and play some online games and have fun.



Valentine’s Day is a holiday for sweet tooths! Benefit from all the delicious goodness around by planning a delightful gathering. Make a few desserts and invite your friends and family to taste all the wonderful things that you made. This is an excellent way to spend Valentine’s day with your sweet tooth mates!

Some ideas that you can make for your tasting party 

  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • All Valentine’s candy you see in stores
  • Mini strawberry shortcakes
  • Raspberry chocolate mousse
  • Cake pops
  • Heart-shaped cookies with red and pink sprinkles



Just get your friends together and spend the weekend doing all of your favorite things. Who needs cupid when you have great friends?


These are a few things that you and your friends and people you love can do together this valentine’s day. I hope these things will help you and your friends to have fun, and I wish everyone a happy valentine’s day!


(Image Credits goes to unsplash.com)