What North Carolina University Are You? TAKE THIS QUIZ & FIND OUT!


Are you a UNCW or an NC State? Take our quiz and let us know!

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

Now that the 2020-21 College Application Season is almost concluded and seniors are receiving decisions I felt inspired to create a quiz to see what NC College/University (just a small number of all) you’re most like personality wise! This quiz will hopefully serve a purpose in garnering some NC pride and seeing what schools your friends are too! Also, shoutout to fellow junior and staff writer, Samir Tusneem, who also helped me with this fun quiz!

DISCLAIMER: Take this all with a grain of salt as its purely opinion-based and made entirely for you to have fun finding out what school you are. This quiz is in no-way factual or affiliated with any NC higher education institutions!

With that, take this quick quiz and let us know what school you get! And most of all, enjoy!