Underclassmen & Juniors: Join The Green Hope Falcon!


Mr. Kesterson

The Green Hope Falcon takes on Carolina Journalism Day 2019! I was a shy, un-educated, high strung baby journalist in this picture. Sorry fellow staffers.

Uma Bhat, Editor-in-Chief

I joined this class in an unconventional way; I remember pestering Mr. Kesterson, our former journalism advisor, during tutorial periods my freshman year. Sometimes I’d have my creative writing teacher write me a hall pass solely for the purpose of trading out on doing daily warm-ups for spending a morning in the newsroom with the upperclassmen, and other times, I’d go out on my own limb to find an interesting story. My first article was about the opening of a badminton complex nearby, and looking back on it, I’d say I’ve come a long way as a writer.

Eventually I rose ranks, and I got to officially join the class. I was pretty high-strung as a freshman, but the class taught me that journalism — and leadership — is a lot more than just producing the most content in a week or having perfect grammar. We spent Novembers having “Waffle Wednesdays” (or pancake Wednesdays, depending on who had what), going on field-trips to Carolina Journalism Day, and Decembers doing Secret Santa gift trades. That’s not to say I didn’t gain any relevant knowledge from this course either; taking it has opened up the doors to so many competitions, summer programs, and career-specific opportunities, plus an honor society (plugin for Quill & Scroll!). The class, in short, gave me a much needed lesson on simultaneously being able to chill out, but work hard. It has undoubtedly shaped my past four years at Green Hope, and will shape my future for years to come — I plan on going into broadcast news production and maybe even supply chain management, now.

I highly, highly recommend this class for anyone searching for an unfound passion, looking for a community to integrate themselves into, and of course, any writers. Taking the class all three years you’re allowed to take it is a great way to make friends and show commitment to the field of communications, but you can take it as a junior if you’re just getting interested, too. Anyone looking to get hands-on experience in social media management, content creation, video editing, and other creative fields is encouraged to take the class, too! Sign up using this link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1D5_QqDrxUndMRaBhaKsF0ZH0MGwmcnrdJLfDfj9S_vU/viewform?edit_requested=true (make sure you’re logged into your WCPSS account!).