Karen Jean, Staff Writer

As a current Senior at Green Hope I have seen myself struggling to keep up with my previous work ethic. I have noticed I was not the only one feeling this way so I decided to do some searching on this phenomena that many seniors are experiencing: Senioritis. I wanted answers for myself for why this kept occurring and ways to stop this from continuing. Below you will find more information about what is senioritis, why does it occur and how it can be fixed. Hopefully this can help some of my fellow seniors that are struggling as well. 

What Is It ?

By definition senioritis is a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. Students tend to procrastinate more, stop turning in their work and start to receive lower grades.

What exactly is senioritis… read to find out

Why does it Occur?

The biggest reason for why senioritis occurs is because seniors have already submitted their college application and have begun to get accepted to their dream schools. This usually makes them think that they have reached their final goal so there is no point to keep trying. Another reason is that some become old enough to get a job that it begins to get in the way of their school. Seniors become more busy and start coming home at later times and more tired and they no longer have the energy to do their homework or simply study. Lastly seniors just simply want a break from their previous three years of rigorous work. They feel like it’s something they have earned and that it’s time to allow themselves to have some young fun.

Do you have senioritis?

Solutions to Cure It

1-Surround yourself with people that have been able to avoid it or just simply underclassmen. By doing this you will be influenced to keep on trying like your fellow friend and their high motivation can rub off on you.


2-Create a balanced set schedule. Routines allow us to stay on task and avoid wasting days doing nothing. It’s important to add balance to this routine so that you can actually follow through with it. Best thing to do is include work and study time but also exercise time to give yourself a break plus netflix or tik tok time or even seeing friends. The important thing here is that you make sure you do them all so that way you can make sure you do get your work and study done.


3-Keep reminding yourself that it is not fully over yet. It is important to know that even though you already got into college, they can still remove your acceptance if you start to slack off. If you give yourself that fear that you can have your dream taken away because of your laziness you are more likely to give yourself more motivation to keep on trying.


4-Communicate with your teachers and parents. If you let your teachers know how you are feeling and what’s occurring they are more likely to be lenient with you and also try to help you get through it. If you let your parents know they will most likely be happy to try to force some motivation into you even if it means willing to ground you if you don’t keep up with your school work.

No cure yet….


I hope that this was helpful to anyone feeling like senioritis is affecting their life too much. Maybe this article was the wake up call you needed, I know at least for me it was. Little by little you can start doing better. I believe in you.

You can do it!!! Only 3 more months of school!