Take These Electives!!


Annie Hu

Are you struggling to find electives to take next year? Read what the GH Falcon staff has to say about everything from CTE to Arts to Social Studies electives!

Annie Hu, Social Media Manager

Hey, juniors and underclassmen! It’s that time of year where people are trying to figure out what classes and electives to take. From CTE classes to Speech, it may be difficult to narrow down your top choices from the overwhelming amount of electives offered by Green Hope.


Whether it be an easy A or a subject that you are genuinely interested in, electives are easily some of the best classes that can make your whole school day! You may want to sign up for a class simply because your friends are taking it, but there is no guarantee that you will be in the same class, so try and pick electives you would genuinely enjoy. As a senior who cannot partake in it this year, I thought I would contribute by compiling a list of favorite electives I and my fellow Falcon staff members would definitely recommend. 


CTE Classes: 

Adobe Visual Design Honors- 

This was one of the first electives I took as a freshman, which is a little awkward considering that it wasn’t offered to freshmen and I had been placed there randomly. Despite being the only freshman in the class, I had a surprisingly great time and learned how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. If you enjoy graphic design or just want to mess around with photoshop, this elective is definitely for you! 


Health Science 1 Honors-

I originally took this class as a requirement for joining HOSA and it is a great class for anyone interested in working in the medical or healthcare field. But be warned, there is still a lot of science and anatomy involved in the class because after all, it is still Health SCIENCE. However, the many projects and activities make the class much more enjoyable than your average science class. 


Personal Finance-

I thought personal finance was a really helpful class that actually taught me about things that would be helpful in my future. I learned about ways to save up money and budget. It covered topics like loans, mortgages, taxes, retirement, and things that every teen should have knowledge about before entering college! -Ameena Farooqui ‘21


AP Computer Science Principles-

AP Computer Science Principles is all about coding! It’s very fun to learn and really master whether you’re a first-time code.org user or a regular! You don’t need many skills prior to taking this course other than a good understanding of very basic algebra (addition, subtraction, inequalities, etc.) and an open mind! What’s super cool is the many opportunities provided within the class to customize your experience with projects and app or game making! Also, for anyone interested in graphic design, the course delves a little into that! I’d recommend it to anyone- you don’t need to be computer savvy and the homework (if any) is very doable and straightforward! -Shea McIntyre ‘22



Instrumental Music Band- 

Band is a class that really builds a strong community because you are surrounded by other people who love to do the same thing that you do. If you love playing music, you should definitely consider joining band. In the beginners level band class, you play a lot of different really fun pieces, and if you want to pursue music more seriously you can audition for the upper-level classes to improve your skills. -Emma Hamrick ‘21 


Theatre Arts-

Theatre is a really fun class that is for anyone, no matter whether you have experience acting or not. The beginner theatre class really helps students get better at talking in front of groups and improves their ability at expressing themselves. The class also covers things for tech theatre, so if you are interested in stage makeup, lighting, sound design, etc., theatre covers that as well. -Emma Hamrick ‘21


Social Studies Electives:

Law and Justice- 

If you’re looking for an elective that teaches you more about the court system and how morality and legality are balanced in the legal system, take this class. It goes in-depth on how cases are filed and how they proceed, gives examples of cases that were groundbreaking that made history in terms of the civil and criminal legislature, and is an enjoyable topic to study and learn about if you have any interest at all in government. -Mason Barish ‘22 


AP Psychology-

AP Psychology was the most interesting class I’ve taken at Green Hope. Both teachers are wonderful, and although the class is challenging, my teacher made the material exciting and enjoyable. The course is a history credit, but honestly incorporates more science than history, so if science disinterests you I would not recommend it. -Ellie Hamashima ‘22 


English Electives- 

Speech 1 and 2 Honors-

Anyone who has taken Speech at Green Hope will tell you that it is an iconic class that has actually helped with the necessary life skill of public speaking. If you hate giving presentations in front of a class, then Speech will be your worst nightmare and best friend because the entire class is centered around giving a speech every week. Not only will you gain confidence in your public speaking skills, but you will also learn a lot about your classmates since it is such an unconventional and unique class. The speech curriculum was actually founded at Green Hope and its founding teachers have gone on to develop at other Wake County schools. I loved my time in Speech 1 so much that I also took Speech 2 my sophomore year, which further develops your public speaking skills as well as venturing into improv speeches. If you want a class that challenges you non-academically and helps you grow as a person, definitely sign up for Speech. 


Human Experience Honors- 

Although many people get confused by the class name, Human Experience is just simply about the human experience. If you like discussion-based classes and deep philosophical conversations, then this elective is definitely for you. There are different topics each week, ranging from free will and agency, mind vs. body, and faith and beliefs. Take Human Experience if you want a thought-provoking class that will also help you understand yourself better. 


Leadership in Media Honors 1 and 2-

Of course, I wanted to save the best elective for last, which is also the reason why I am writing this article. Honestly, the Green Hope Falcon website speaks for itself as to the excellent work that you and your classmates will create and publish in this course. If you would like to make an impact on the Green Hope community, this year-long elective will help you develop your voice and give it a platform. From article writing to making Buzzfeed style quizzes to weekly sports podcasts to fun video content to social media management, there are endless opportunities in this course to gain leadership and flex your creativity. You also gain an amazing teacher and mentor who will always advocate for you, (shoutout to Mr. Plants) and a close-knit class of like-minded individuals. Seriously, my one regret in high school is not taking this class earlier so fill out the application form below to join the Green Hope Falcon next year! 


Hopefully this article was helpful to you in making the best course selections for next year and check out the full course catalogue offered by Green Hope here: https://greenhopehsstudentservices.weebly.com/uploads/5/4/2/5/54250119/2021-2022_ghhs_registration_guide_final.pdf

 Don’t forget to sign up for classes in Powerschool before March 11 Falcons!