Wake County High Schools in High Alert for Severe Weather

Samir Tusneem, Staff Writer


On Wednesday, March 17, the Wake County Publication Schools System announced that Thursday will be an asynchronous learning day for all students. With the likelihood of severe weather tomorrow, specifically a level four of five storm risk, no makeup day will be required, and all other school activities and athletics will be canceled. This means that teachers can still assign school work, but there will be no live instruction.

The decision was based on the forecast of potentially damaging winds, hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and possible power failures during the school day and the risks these factors impose on students and faculty attending school in-person. 

UPDATE: 3/1/8/2021

As of right now, the severe risk rating has been downgraded from level four (moderate) to level three (enhanced), but it is still highly recommended to consider all safety precautions as storms are predicted to hit the Raleigh area from 4:00 to 7:00 pm, as reported by Spectrum News. 


Although a majority of Wake County seemed to have evaded the critical threat of the storm, many other areas within North Carolina did not. Areas such as Greensboro witnessed the storm as trees fell over and created blockades on the roads, and other states were unfortunately more vulnerable and impacted by the thunderstorms. Fortunately, there were no reported deaths or injuries within North Carolina, and the state successfully made it through the severe weather threats. Was the cancellation of school necessary? We’ll let that be up to you to decide!