Asian Female Youtubers You NEED to Watch!

Maddy Chen

In light of current events and Women’s History Month, here are some smaller Asian Female Youtubers you can consider supporting! 


While I personally grew up watching people like JenerationDIY, LaurDIY, My Life as Eva, and Remi Ashten, these up-and-coming gals are just as amazing. Maiphammy tops the list as one of my favorite YouTubers to watch. From lifestyle and travel videos to tips on productivity and school vlogs, this eighteen-year-old Canadian is a hilarious and refreshing sight to see. Mai keeps it real with her supporters as people can watch her navigate through the highs and lows of life (and amassing a large following in a quick time). She’s recently moved to LA to pursue her career and has created a moving series documenting her adventures. Watch her here!


Originally from Washington, this sweetheart has taken on college at Pepperdine University (where she posted a video documenting her brief time in California) Melanie has been in the Youtube game for relatively a while now and is known for her thrifting videos and clothing hauls as well as DIY ideas. Her channel is such an aesthetic and I’m obsessed with her “outfit of the week” series. Find her here!


One of her long-time subscribers, I have appreciated Vanessa’s genuineness and authenticity. This gem posts everything from “What High School Boys Look for in Girls” to lifestyle videos, clothing hauls, college vlogs, and even opened up about her past insecurities and battles with eating disorders in a recent video. Small world because she actually lived with Melanie when they both were in Cali. Her life seems so fun! 


I was shocked when I found out the age of Annie! This girl has ten times the maturity level of anyone I know her age and I respect her work ethic so much. From Boston, MA, Annie frequently posts tips and tricks on living a healthier lifestyle, finding how to be more productive, study and organization strategies, and overall self-care videos. She likes to document her time trying different work-out challenges such as running a mile every day for 30 days or Chloe Ting’s 2-week shred. Annie even made a video speaking up about being an Asian Youtuber and the lack of diversity she seemed to notice in her experience as an influencer. Subscribe to Annie here!


Gaining popularity from her “College Decision Reaction” video, Nina is a newer Youtuber who posts her life as a current MIT student while also providing advice and tips to current high school students seeking to also go to MIT/upper-tier colleges. She keeps it real and often shares her “realistic” everyday routine as well as study videos. Get more college advice from her here!


A current student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, Lisa posts her glamorous lifestyle for her supporters to get a glimpse of living in a city. On her channel, you can watch anything from “College Week in my Life” to “Back to School Outfit” ideas and luxury clothing/shoe collections. In a previous video, Ms. Phan even tackled speaking about the Asian American community. While she does not have as consistent of a posting schedule, she definitely has a lot you can watch. Watch her here! 


A long-standing Youtuber, you can count on Yuyan to help keep you up to date with any fashion trends and outfit ideas as well as makeup/hair routines. In her outfit idea videos, she changes into over 50 outfits in just one video and her editing skills + music picks are really well-produced. Get your fashion inspo here! 


Growing from a sassy blunt high-schooler to a mature soon-to-be mom, Kayla started Youtube posting Day-In the Life videos at High-School. She’s currently posting her Wedding series and Pregnancy series. One of my favorites has been her wedding cake testing video with her fiance. Her sarcasm and humor are on point and it’s super exciting to watch her transition to a new stage in life. Find her here!  


Last but not least, Kate runs a successful six-figure jewelry business along with posting on her Youtube Channel. On her channel, you can find clothing inspiration, her makeup routines, life as an entrepreneur, and business tips and tricks. She recently became a USC freshman and has a video for finding scholarships (in which she earned $500,000 in aid!) Watch her here!

Have a great afternoon Falcons and happy women’s + Asian support month 🙂