What is the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?



Image courtesy to Jennifer Pallian. What cookie should I review next?

Elaina Gilsenan, Staff Writer

Doesn’t everybody want to find out what the best chocolate chip cookie recipe is? I surveyed Green Hope students and asked them what their favorite recipe was, then I tested out the top 4. Here are my rankings on Green Hope students’ favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes: 

(read to the end for the #1 BEST cookie)

4. Meaningful Eats Recipe 

link: https://meaningfuleats.com/the-best-gluten-free-chocolate-chip-cookies/

These cookies were delicious, but lacked flavor. The texture was okay but I like my cookies slightly softer. I would recommend adding more salt and vanilla and cooking them for about 1-2 minutes less than the recipe recommends. My rating: 7/10

3. Joy Food Sunshine’s Recipe

link: https://joyfoodsunshine.com/the-most-amazing-chocolate-chip-cookies/

These cookies were the perfect texture. However, I felt that these cookies also lacked flavor and could have used more salt. My rating: 7.5/10

2. Nestle Toll House Recipe (with additions) 

This is a classic recipe that can be found on the back of each Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie bag. A student recommended that I add extra brown sugar and extra chocolate chips. I really loved these cookies, they tasted like a classic cookie and had the perfect amount of each ingredient. My rating: 9/10

1.Sally’s Baking Addiction Recipe

link: https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/chocolate-chip-cookies/#tasty-recipes-66495

These cookies were by far my favorite. They had the perfect amount of sugar and salt and they came out a perfect golden color. My whole family loved them so much all 12 were gone in 2 days! My rating 11/10