GHHS Making New Friends- Part 1!

Karen Jean and Davis Cuffe

With school being all online students have not really had the chances to get to know their classmates. The students who have had it worse have been freshmen because unlike seniors who had previous years to get to know each other, freshmen came to a new school with new people who they have never had the chance to fully meet. 


My name is Karen Jean. I’m a senior at Green Hope High School and I noticed this current issue. I am someone who is very social and friendly and who isn’t afraid of meeting new people and making new friendships. For this reason, I felt the need to try to do something to help my fellow freshmen students at my school. I have decided to put myself in their shoes and meet a classmate of mine that I have never talked to or met before. I’m doing this to try to create a guide for them to know how a friendship can be formed with fellow classmates and how to get through the first meet up.

Staff writer and friendly being, Karen! Keep reading to here more about her tips to meeting friends! (Karen Jean)





Oh hey! There’s Karen’s friend and our resident Sports Editor, Davis Cuffe! (Davis Cuffe)


For my experiment/tutorial I have chosen to reach out to a junior in my Falcon News Feed class named Davis Cuffe. All I previously knew about him is that he was in charge of editing Sports videos or articles. To be honest, I found him interesting from all the stuff he would say in the class group chat so that’s when I knew he would be the perfect choice. He reached back out to me and this is what we agreed on doing.


We will start by individually recording our thoughts of meeting with each other. I will explain more in detail how and why I decided to reach out and he will record his reaction to my reaching out and why he reached back. 


We have communicated about good activities to do that can help break the ice better and get us to know eachother better. These are activities we think freshmen can do to ease their first meet up experience with a new classmate. We will record ourselves doing these activities and just hanging out together so that freshmen can kinda see what a possible hangout would look like.



Lastly, we will individually video tape our opinions of our hangout and what we thought went well or what could have gone better. We will try to give advice based on our experience and talk about whether we think a friendship was built and if we believe our advice and plan worked.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

We encourage anyone to stay tuned for part 2 of this article which will be the video of the hangout. We hope that maybe this can help build many new friendships around our school.