Plans for Spring Break

Hmm, what are some good plans for Spring Break? (Credit for image goes to

Jason Rong, Writer

With Spring Break coming up, you are definitely ready for an exciting, fun, and well-deserved break! However, with coronavirus still here and health regulations in place, traveling is out of the question. But don’t you worry, as Jason has got you covered with some COVID friendly Spring Break plans! In this article, Jason will be listing some good things to do at home while you’re on Spring Break. 


Video Games

Playing video games is an excellent way of curing boredom and having a good time. Some good ones to play are The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, and Skyrim.


 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an open-world game based on the famous novel series “The Witcher” by Andrzej Sapkowski. In Witcher 3, you get to control Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher who can cast magic and hunt monsters. Very much like the novels, the Witcher 3 has a compelling storyline, and the choices you make will affect how the story plays out. The Witcher 3 constantly throws morally-gray questions at you, and in the end, you might learn more about who you are as a person. 


The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Breath of the Wild is the best-selling game of the award-winning series from which it gets its name. Breath of Wild takes you on a crazy adventure through the landscapes of Hyrule and gives you a memorable experience that you’ll never forget. 


Skyrim: Skyrim is an older game compared to the previous mentions; however, it’s still very much talked about today and has a steady player base eleven years after its release, and there’s a reason for it. The greatest thing about Skyrim is freedom; you have the freedom to design your character, set your goals, and even choose how the story plays out. In Skyrim, the rim is not the limit; the sky is the limit! Haha, get it? 


TV Shows

Watching good TV Shows is like eating McDonald’s Chicken nuggets; it never gets old. Some binge-worthy ones are Attack on Titan and Breaking Bad. 


Attack on Titan is based on the manga created by Hajime Isayama. One of the best things about this anime is that it catches you by surprise. On the surface, it’s a show about giant people eating tiny people, but underneath, it’s a show that touches on topics such as discrimination, brainwashing, war, and reparations. It makes the audience reflect on history and reconsider their views on certain topics. 


Breaking Bad is the highest-rated TV show of all time. One of the best things about Breaking Bad is the relatable characters. Characters in Breaking Bad act like real human beings; they react reasonably to disasters and pleasures, and they don’t have superpowers like Spiderman or Batman. While you are watching Breaking Bad, you might find characters you can relate to or characters that you feel resemble others that you know. Either way, you are in for a ride. 


Spend Time With Your Family 

Spring Break is a good time to put your schoolwork down, walk downstairs, and say hello to the people that have been living under the same roof as you for years. Who knows? Maybe they’re nice people, and you just made some new friends. Jokes aside, we spend most of our time working and the rest in our own thoughts; Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to take it slow and spend some quality time with our family. Soon, we’ll be off to college and regret not spending enough time with them. Take this time to talk to them, get to know them better, and make memories that you can look back on when you’re alone in your college dorm room. 


Jason’s plans for Spring Break
Jason plans to do as many outdoor activities as possible, including biking, jogging, and playing tennis. Jason has spent way too much time on my computer throughout virtual learning; it’s time to get away from electronics and enjoy the great outdoors. 


Links for the video games and TV shows that I mentioned. 


Video Games


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TV Shows 


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Thank you for making it to the end of this article. I hope that you have a well-rested break; you deserve it! If you don’t, text me @thegoodkidjason on Instagram and we can talk about it. I’m always happy to help.