STEM-Driven Student Attempts to Bake For the First Time


Rimas’s expectation of what his cookies would turn out to be

Samir Tusneem, Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 27, young Rimas was looking out his window wondering what to do during spring break. With all of his friends going on vacation for the week, he sat in desperation looking for something to do to occupy his time. 

All of a sudden, he saw his phone light up from the corner of his eye; it was a google classroom notification. Sitting up in excitement, he looked at his phone and noticed that his teacher had posted a cookie recipe on the page. Glaring at the post in confusion due to his lack of awareness for anything other than STEM, Rimas immediately felt a light bulb light up within his small, minuscule mind; he was going to learn how to bake.

Baking was a fairly foreign subject to Rimas, especially considering the fact that he had never paid attention to such an activity in his life. Creativity? Couldn’t be him. He knew that with the time he had, he should use it on something productive – something daunting, something venturesome. He was committed to surpassing this intricate “challenge” he was met with.  But just as typical Rimas is, he told himself “tomorrow,” and he went to sleep. 

When the day of reckoning came upon him, Rimas went in with full confidence and eagerness to bake cookies – a task like never before. This wasn’t just looking at math equations and graphs; this was something real. Rimas trotted down the stairs to the kitchen, opened the cabinets, and looked for the ingredients he needed. He desperately hoped that he had all of the necessary supplies in his house as he did not want to take the extra mile of going to the store; thankfully, everything required was there.

After putting on his apron and trying to look like he knew what he was doing, he went on to YouTube and searched “How to bake cookies”. After scrolling past numerous 10-minute tutorials which Rimas certainly did not have the patience for, he attempted to bake the cookies with the minuscule amount of knowledge he had at the time; needless to say, he made many mistakes. 

When mixing everything together with all his might, Rimas began to remember the many failures he had experienced prior to the tedious task of whisking: the time he almost burned water, the time he cracked four eggs and missed the bowl each time (happened just five minutes before), the time he turned a protein shake into a block of ice in an attempt to make it cooler. Even with all of these moments of almost quitting, Rimas shook his head and kept going, and at last, he finished. 

After 30 grueling minutes of figuring out how to make the cookies actually heat up in the oven, Rimas waited frantically for the final results. With his legs shaking and his mind racing for potential mistakes he may have made, his panicking was disrupted with the beeping of the oven; the cookies were done. He raced over to the oven and opened it, almost forgetting to wear mittens when taking the tray out. As he shifted his focus towards the cookies, he was met with what may have been possibly more unappealing than his lack of knowledge for cooking. The cookies were burnt, and it was safe to say that Rimas may have invented a new shape. 

Optimistically, Rimas told himself something vital to boosting his confidence: “Just like people, the beauty of cookies comes from what’s on the inside, not what’s on the outside. It is abstract art.” As much of a lie that you may think this is in regards to baking, it was convincing enough for Rimas. As he began to bite into the cookie, all of the memorable failures he had surpassed came into his head again; it was almost like the whole thing was in slow motion. As he finally bit into the cookie and thoroughly crunched on it, he came to the devastating reality that he completely failed. 

After asking his mom why his cookies failed miserably despite his efforts, she told him that just like his inability with everything else, he didn’t read the directions. It turns out that he forgot the butter, most of the flour, the chocolate chips, the brown sugar, and some other stuff, which explains why they didn’t really have any taste.

The moral of the story: read the directions.