Best Resources For Dealing With Procrastination

They say to work smarter, not harder! Read into Samir's handy tips to conquer procrastination even in an online setting!

They say to work smarter, not harder! Read into Samir’s handy tips to conquer procrastination even in an online setting!

Samir Tusneem, Staff Writer

With education currently being held in an online environment, it may be easy to get distracted during class or while doing homework. Staying on track while working on any device can be a difficult task, especially since social media and YouTube are just one click away. Fortunately, there are many different resources that students can utilize to abstain from procrastination while working.

BlockSite (Chrome Extension)


Just as the name of the extension implies, BlockSite is a great resource to utilize for staying off of distracting websites. With a rating of about 4.5 stars and over 25,000 reviews, BlockSite offers an extension that limits certain websites when needed. In addition, the user can block certain categories to avoid having to block different websites one at a time, making it less time-consuming and more feasible. 


The extension also features a “focus mode,” which essentially mimics an actual schedule in which the user can break tasks down into specific time intervals with breaks in-between. The user can also make their own schedule so that they don’t have to recreate it every time they use the extension. Overall, this extension is a great resource for students who get distracted while working online. 

Forest (Phone App)

Although this app does have a price tag of $1.99, the reviews indicate that it lives up to its expectations. With an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and over 28,000 reviews, Forest is founded on a base that incentivizes technological detoxification through environmental issues and in-app rewards. 


The app starts out by planting a seed in the user’s own forest, and the seed grows into a tree and awards are given over time. However, if the user were to ever exit the app, the tree would begin to decay. The best part is that if the user has enough points in the game, they can actually plant a real tree to help preserve the environment. By staying off their phones, users are not only getting their assignments done, but they are also helping the environment.

Evernote – Notes Organizer (iPhone App)

There is no doubt that many students have come across a time when they are working with a group on a project, but the group simply lacks the coordination and communication necessary to get it done. Evernote is an app that solves this crisis by allowing the user to share notes with other people, whether it’s a to-do list or for scheduling meetings. In addition, the app allows the user to create separate notebooks, keep track of dates and events through journals, add different types of content to their notes, and more. With a vibrant user interface and a 4.4-star rating with over 30,000 reviews, Evernote enables teams to develop the communication and teamwork they need through a simple cellular device. 

Limit (Chrome Extension)

Many students have probably dealt with the strife of getting stuck on social media for hours on end. Whether it’s TikTok or scrolling through Instagram posts, falling into this cycle can be detrimental to overall productivity. Limit is a Chrome extension that strives to solve this dilemma through allowing the user to create time limits on different websites. 


For example, if a student has four exams to study for, it may not be ideal for them to read one page of their textbook then “take a break” and go on social media for a few minutes, which ends up turning into a few hours. To combat this issue, the user can simply put a time limit of 45 minutes, for example, on social media websites to stay focused. Limit is a great chrome extension to consider installing if you are in need of a way to escape the social media cycle.

Toggl (Chrome Extension)

Sometimes we may find ourselves spending more time than we think on different tasks and applications. For that reason, it may be useful to have an idea of exactly how much time we are taking to complete different assignments or whether or not we are spending too much time on social media. Toggl is a chrome extension that essentially allows the user to obtain a summary of the total amount of time they spent on different tasks throughout the day. By understanding how much of your day you are investing into certain activities, you will be able to determine whether or not you’re being as productive as possible, thus allowing you to adjust your habits accordingly. 


With school being held in a virtual environment, it is easy to get distracted by the number of applications and social media platforms that are just one click away on your computer. By installing different apps and extensions that will prevent you from investing an unhealthy amount of time on leisurely activities, you will be able to adjust your habits to evade the cycle of procrastination and unproductivity.