Green Hope Softball & Soccer Defeat the Imps

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

What is better than one Green Hope team winning on Senior Night? Two! Yesterday evening, softball and women’s soccer fought hard for their class of 2021 players and came out on top both against the Cary High School Imps located only about 8 miles away from GHHS. 

Softball teammates cheering on fellow Falcons in the last inning. (Green Hope Athletics)

Softball played earlier into the afternoon at 4pm following a sweet senior ceremony wishing off 3 players, Kaitlyn Jones, Caitlyn Bryant, and Jenny Caputo. Following a kind intro to all the girls and their families, a legendary softball game was played ending with Junior Pitcher Ava Kaisersatt striking out Cary’s last batter. Kaisersatt’s fierce strike-out against the Imps led the team to finish 7-6. With a loud, enthusiastic team in the dugout cheering her on, Green Hope trainers and parents were amazed at the insanely supportive community displayed in their shouts and screams and victory group-hug following her winning pitch. Led by Coach Loscko, this team is now on a 3 game winning streak and #4 in the conference below rivals Panther Creek, Green Level, and unfortunately still the Cary Imps. The team hopes to change this in time to play in the 4A Playoffs in their next two games coming up. Catch the team continuing their streak against Athens Drive on Wednesday (at Athens) and next Monday April 18th against Riverside Durham at home! Go Softball!



Senior Jenna Eller pictured. Picture taken by Gregory Ng and uploaded to Maxpreps. (Gregory Ng)

Women’s soccer had an entertaining game with a 1-1 tie at the half against the Cary Imps. Senior Jenna Eller scored (making this her 6th goal this season) and sophomore Taylor Nightingale scored making this her second of the season, and third in her varsity career. With the additional goal the Falcons were able to defeat the Imps once and for all 2-1 on an ideal weather evening making the Lucky 7’s senior night that much more enjoyable with good field conditions. But, the Women’s Soccer team isn’t done playing yet! This week, they have one more game at home versus Athens Drive, who they plan to beat after their original match-up ending in a double-overtime tie. The Jaguars have an 8-0-1 score meaning if Green Hope won, they’d be this team’s first loss all season. So in short, attend tomorrow’s game in The Falcon Nest at 6pm, it’s going to be an intense, high-stakes game, you don’t want to miss! 



That’s all the Girl Power and Senior Night News for now. Signing off! 

And remember, it’s a Great Day to be a Falcon!