Senior Breakfast: A Taste of What Could Have Been


Class of 2021 entering the stadium for their Senior Breakfast.

Annie Hu and Ameena Farooqui

For the class of 2021, the prolonged COVID pandemic took away hopes of a normal senior year for the past year. However, on Wednesday, April 14, over 430 seniors showed up to the Senior Breakfast, a longstanding Green Hope tradition. This year, the breakfast was held outside in the stadium with 30 socially distanced pods and required masks. Seniors were greeted with balloon arches, Chick-fil-A biscuits, and goodie bags before heading over to their assigned pods. Senior Hannah Brose loved the event sharing, “It was super nice to see everyone again. The staff and parents really pulled together and put on a great event”

Seniors sat in lawn chairs around the track in their assigned pod, which was up to 15 people, and enjoyed the nice weather.

Students were also free to walk around the track, which allowed them to catch up with friends as well as teachers after over a year of online school. Everyone was in high spirits, as seniors got to see classmates they haven’t seen since last year. Senior Angela Xu shared, “I had a lot of fun seeing classmates that I haven’t seen since the school closed last March! Also, it was really nice being able to talk to teachers as well!  For many of us, this is the last time we will be able to see all these familiar faces together all at once.


Fellow staff member Tae excitedly shared his sentiments, “Overall I thought the event was thoughtfully organized and despite the limitations of corona it was an amazing senior experience! All in all, many seniors were grateful and surprised by the event and the taste of normality it gave them as well as counting down the days till graduation. See ya at graduation Class of 2021!”