Preparing for AP Exams

Check your Email! 

AP testing starts next month and it’s important to be prepared beforehand. Do you know whether your exams are digital or on paper? While most students are signed up for online exams, there is a possibility that you signed up for in-person testing prior to the deadline or are taking AP World Language and AP Music Theory. It’s essential to know the date of your exam, so make sure to check either College Board or Green Hope’s Exam Schedule. Monitor your CollegeBoard email, the Green Hope website, your student email, and Dr. Hedrick’s Messenger for any important updates and deadlines pertaining to your testing. To request a digital exam at school, you MUST complete this google form by Friday, April 30th.

Have the Proper Materials 

For online exams, you should have an appropriate computer/device including a desk or laptop computer, Windows PC, Mac, or School-managed Chromebook. A full detailed list of technical requirements for the 2021 AP exams can be found here. ALL AP testers should know their Collegeboard Username and Password. You can reset your password if you forgot it or contact 1-88-225-5427. It’s useful to also select “Remember Me” on your computer so that you’re automatically logged in. Collegeboard should be sending email updates to the email that you’ve selected. If you need to update it, you can do so here. 

Download the Digital Testing App 

Before you can take a digital exam, you MUST have installed the Digital Testing App. Do so here. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you have the option of taking an “Active Practice” for each of your AP courses. I would recommend doing so for at least one of them. If you are borrowing a school Chromebook, follow the instructions here. 

Establish What you Need to Review and Brush Up On 

A month may seem like a lot, but it passes by so quickly! Start looking through your old tests, quizzes, or papers. Become familiarized with the exam format. Is it multiple choice or free-response questions? How many short answer responses? Make a study plan. Try to review a bit every day so that you don’t have to cram the day of. If you make an outline, it’s easier to track what needs to be done every day. Practice, practice, practice! Look through past FRQ’s or tests and make sure you can answer them. 

The best review resources: 


Try to check into your exam 30 minutes prior to it starting. This will help make sure everything is in place and working. Organize your study space and try to get rid of all distractions. Try to be in a room with just yourself (if you’re online). Utilizing flow charts, bullet points, flashcards, and diagrams instead of having pages of information can save you time on the actual exam. Organize study groups- covid safe- and try to teach your friends or peers about the topic. Remember to take study breaks and drink plenty of water. Your AP teachers are of course great resources if you have any questions on course content. Utilize Ms. Yates ([email protected]) and Ms. Dry ([email protected]) for any technology-related questions. For more tips on preparing for exams, view “10 Ways to Prepare for Exams”. Best of luck!