Green Hope Soccer Wins the Conference Championship


Green Hope Women's Soccer Twitter

The team on the first day (04/21) of the Tri-8 Conference Tournament. Pictured before the team went on to become Conference Champions!

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

With 10 wins, 2 losses, and a tie, the Green Hope Falcons finished their regular season magnificently!

Since their Senior Night win, the Falcons played Riverside, Green Level, and close competitor Athens Drive (more than a few times). But, after tying and losing against the Jaguars, last night on April 28th, in the Conference Championship game, the Falcons knew it was their time to win. 


Salma Hakam started the team off strong in regular play scoring a goal to up the team a point and to up her # of goals this season to 6! As usual, the teams played into DOUBLE OVERTIME, and as the score was 1-1, Jenna Eller scored in the last 50 seconds of OT to make it 2-1!

Now the Falcons get ready to face even stiffer competition in the 4A North Carolina State Championship playing teams all over! And they enter the bracket with talented, high-ranking players as senior Jenna Eller is currently the #1 player in total points (goals, assists, games played) in the Triangle 8- 4A rankings with fellow senior teammate Addie Cooper in the #5 rank and other Falcons following closely. Eller now finishes her regular season with a whopping 13 goals and 10 assists! Green Hope’s expected to be a second automatic bid into the 4A West Girls Soccer Projection as reported on by master playoff projector Nick Stevens.


As the team waits for an official bracket of who they’ll play in the first round, they’ll celebrate their long-awaited W against Athens Drive, who’s still ranked #1, and continue to practice.


Congratulations to the Green Hope Women’s Soccer Team on an amazing regular season and play in the Tri-8 Conference Tournament! These players, and their drive to excellence reminds us it’s a Great Day to be a Falcon!