Let’s Save Our Earth Together on Behalf of Earth Day


All photo credit goes to unsplash.com

Nidhi Patel, Writer

In celebration of the founding of the global environmental movement in 1970, Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22nd. The first Earth Day in 1970 brought a public awareness of the status of our world. Today, Earth Day is well known to be the world’s biggest secular participation event, currently observed as a day of protest annually by over one billion people for human behavioral reform as well as financial, state and local political reforms. Now, the struggle for a clean world is becoming more and more urgent, as the devastations of climate change become more evident every day.


When the awareness of our climate crisis increases, so too does the mobilization of citizens, whose protests are at their height across the globe. Disappointed by America’s hesitancy to fight climate change after our failure to sign the Paris Accords in 2016 and the worldwide environmental negligence, people are now rising around the globe to seek a cleaner and greener future.


Today we have witnessed a new and frustrated generation of young people who have taken to the streets by the millions to call for a new path forward, the social and cultural climate that was seen in 1970 has risen again. These conversations, demonstrations, strikes, and mobilizations are brought into the world’s attention through digital and social media that unite citizens and chain generations together to meet the biggest threat humanity faces.


We saw the Earth flourish last year without the normal human interventions that typically stunt the growth of so many natural wonders, and it only goes to show nature’s strength in how these damaged parts of the globe are able to heal given time. 


This should be a perfect example and opportunity for us to do our part of taking care of the planet. We can do this in many ways such as reducing the amount of trash we generate, recycling as much as we can, and moving to eco friendly and sustainable options if we want to live on a slightly improved planet. 


Here are a few things you can do to help cut down on pollution and littering in order to care for the Earth every day:

  • When you go out for a walk, get yourself a little garbage bag.


  • If you would have a day without eating any meat once a week, the U.S. would cut down on 100 trillion gallons of water and 1.2 million tons of carbon dioxide a year.


  • Begin your food waste composting: Food waste makes up 25 – 30% of all waste within waste dumps. Composting food waste contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gasses and produces nutrient dense planting soil.


  • Switch your search engine to ECOSIA. It’s a legitimate search engine that uses a portion of its profits to help plant trees around the world. So far, it has funded the planting of more than 123 million trees.


  • Purchase a product of zero waste. Things such as reusable shopping containers, toothbrushes, soap bars, pellets of toothpaste, packets of reused straws and more may be helpful in the eventual reduction of waste.


  • RECYCLEAR Start. Identify a recycling bin in your house with bottles, cans, papers and cardboards. You should use them to store food or other leftovers instead of tossing out plastic or glass food containers.


If we continue with our wrongs the future will never be right or bright. Be responsible and take care of our planet. What we do TODAY will affect our tomorrow.