Humans of GH: Emma Shin

Nidhi Patel, Staff Writer

Introducing the talented artist Emma Shin who won second place in a national competition this year in Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Needless to say, the Green Hope community is incredibly proud of what Emma has accomplished, and we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to interview her about her piece and her relationship with art. So without further ado, here is Emma Shin!

Pictured: our special Human of GH: Emma Shin! Read more into her story regarding art, being a scholastic winner, and inspiration she gets.
(Emma Shin)


How do you describe your style to do art and things you get inspired by?

“I would probably describe my art as illustration art. As for why I create illustration art, I create illustrations because there is such a variety of different styles that you could try and because it just seems almost magical to me. There is probably also some influence from the absurd amount of children’s books I have at my house.”

(Author’s Note: Here’s a little fun fact: Emma loves watching animated shows and films. Regardless of plot, or characters in a program, she can watch any anime or Disney movie and enjoy it solely for the art in the show or film! )


What does your artwork represent?

“My art pieces represent me. They represent different things that I have experienced or that I like or that I want to pursue. It is like a way of projecting what I want to be as I continue in my life.”


As you are the second-place Scholastic winner, how do you feel about that and what your art piece represents?  What inspired you to create that piece of artwork?

Emma’s winning piece!
Special courtesy to Emma for sharing it with The Falcon to feature.

“As a second place Scholastic winner, I feel a little sad that I was not able to achieve a gold medal but I am still very happy that I was even considered for a silver medal. In my eyes, my art represents the way that the music in a band comes together. Some of the different instruments were ones that I had played before. I was inspired by my time as a band student and the music that I heard come together and improve over the years.”



Thank you to Emma for sharing her remarkable secret talent with her art!  We all are so thankful for your insight into the piece and your process, and we are so beyond proud of you!!

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