Fall Fashion Trends

September 22, 2015

As the temperatures start to drop and the wind begins to pick up, the beloved season of fall has finally arrived. Shorts change to jeans, and t-shirts turn to cozy sweaters. The fashion around Green Hope also transitions, as new and old trends alike begin to pop up around our school. I spoke to a few students to see what they were wearing- whether they were creating their own unique look or following others’ fashion forwardness.

Students: Bailey Peterson- Junior

How would you describe your outfit? -Probably as a fall transition outfit because I’m wearing leggings with a tank.”

What do you think is the best part of the outfit you’re wearing? -My necklace, it spices up my outfit. It would probably be less dressy without it.

What parts of the outfit do you think go with trends around Green Hope? -My white Converse, it seems like every girl at this school wears them. Also my hoop earrings, they’re pretty popular around the school.

Student: Aidan Foster, Junior

How would you describe your outfit?- I would describe it as hipstery.

What is the best part of your outfit? -The best part of the outfit was the shoes which a friend inspired me to get.

What parts of your outfit do you think go with the trends at GH?- My shoes. They go with the trends around the school because all the girls wear them but none of the guys usually wear them because they can’t pull them off. But I like to wear them.FullSizeRender (1) IMG_5252