Master of None, the Best Show You’re Not Watching


With the constant stream (ha, get it?) of new shows premiering on Netflix, it is easy to overlook a hidden gem. The streaming service makes quality shows like Narcos, House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black in addition to the hundreds of shows it already provides. Aziz Ansari, a comedian known for his standup and role in Parks & Recreation, has created one of these hidden Netflix gems, a show called Master of None.

Master of None is a beautifully crafted comedy. It is not as flat-out funny as a show like Parks & Recreation, but the reality and heartfelt nature of the show makes it special. In the show, Ansari plays Dev Shah, an aspiring actor in New York City who is having trouble catching an acting break beyond doing commercials. Aziz’s personality shines through as Dev, and he is able to display his many acting skills, some unrelated to comedy. In addition to Ansari’s standout performance, the supporting cast is excellent. Noël Wells shines as Dev’s primary love interest, known as Rachel, and Eric Wareheim, Kelvin Yu, and Lena Waithe also do a superb job portraying Dev’s best friends, named Arnold, Brian, and Denise, respectively.

Master of None stands out in this “golden era of TV” because it is able to blend modern-age problems with comedy. It deals with a vast array of issues, including modern relationships, city life, the technological age, racism, sexism, parents, senility, and identity. The show’s writers seamlessly add these important issues to the storyline with a certain charm that is hard to describe. While the show is technically categorized as a comedy, it definitely is not confined to its genre. It is dramatic, witty, and makes important statements regarding today’s society. Master of None also has an amazing soundtrack, which features artists such as Beach House, Father John Misty, Yo La Tengo, Mac Demarco, and The Cure.

If you’re looking for a show to binge watch, this is a great option. I was immediately drawn into the show, and I finished the series in less than two days. Humor, heart, cinematography, music, relevancy, and authentic characters combine to make this TV show…well…masterful.