What Does Your Morning Look Like?

February 26, 2016

Alec Critser

Boys and girls are different in a lot of ways, and morning routine is just another way that the two genders differ from one another. In order to highlight the distinct contrasting nature of the two routines, we had a girl and a boy describe their morning routine. Hopefully, this article will give you insight into what the other genders go through every morning.

The Fool-Proof Morning Routine

After much personal experience (and experimenting with time management), I have mastered the morning routine and created the fool proof plan of my morning routine. This plan not only allows me the maximum amount of sleep every morning, but it also allows me to take my time getting ready and even enjoy breakfast in the morning.

5:23 AM– My first alarm breaks my slumber. I struggle to find my phone in the endless amount of blankets on my bed. Once I find it, I snooze my alarm for the first of many times.

5:32 AM– The second alarm goes off and I start to feel myself waking up, but I still don’t have enough energy to get out of bed. I hit snooze again.

5:41 AM– I am waiting for my dreaded alarm to go off for a third time, but I need time to check all social media. I give myself nine more minutes and hit snooze again.

5:50 AM– When it’s 5:50, I know it is time to start getting out of bed. I quickly run out of my freezing room to get to my not-so-cold bathroom.

5:52 AM– I take out my retainer and brush my teeth. As I’m brushing my teeth, I look in the mirror and get a little frightened by my terrible bedhead.

5:55 AM– I get in the warm shower and remember I have to hurry so I can be out by 6:09 (if not, I am not ready in time).

6:09 AM– By this time, I am out of the shower and I start to brush my hair. Between 6:12 and 6:35 is the time where tasks are a blur. All I know is I finish brushing, blowdrying, and straightening my hair by 6:35.

6:36 AM– I start my makeup and finish it by 6:42 (sometimes earlier)

6:45 AM– I straighten the front of my hair, put on deodorant, put on my already laid out outfit. I then go downstairs and eat breakfast.

6:55 AM– By this time I am all done and I sit and enjoy my breakfast with my mom and dad until my ride gets to my house anywhere from 7:00-7:05.

Too Tired to Enjoy My Waffles

Being a boy much makes for much shorter morning routine. After looking over Michaela’s routine, I was shocked at how much it contrasted with mine. I mean, seriously, I wake up a full hour after Michaela does. Without further ado, here is my morning routine for everyone who wants to know what boys go through in the morning.

6:25 AM– My alarm goes off. I hit snooze and enjoy the warm comfort of my bed for just a few more minutes.

6:30 AM– Time to get up and make some breakfast. I feel like I’m dying.

6:35 AM– I am downstairs eating, trying to stay awake as I watch my daily WRAL for five minutes. I am too tired to even enjoy my waffles.

6:40 AM– I walk upstairs to my bathroom to shower, still half-asleep. God, that warm water is making me want to sleep.

6:52 AM– I get out of the shower, put on my deodorant, and throw together something to wear today. Okay, yeah, that outfit looks good enough.

6:58 AM– I brush my teeth and then put my laptop and homework from last night in my backpack.

7:00 AM– Depending on the day, I’ll usually have 5 minutes to spare before I have to leave for school at 7:05. I usually spend this time either playing with my dogs or laying on my bed for five minutes, closely monitoring the time.

7:05 AM– I leave for school and go down Highway 55 so I can enjoy another day of learning at Green Hope High School! Woohoo, go Falcons!