Top Five Netflix Comedies


Alec Critser, Student Life Editor

Get ready to stream this summer with these Netflix comedies. Enjoy.

5. Portlandia


You have to get adjusted to this one; Sleater Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein and SNL’s Fred Armisen use their extremely quirky senses of humor to highlight and satirize the odd culture of Portland and hipster-ism in general. The many odd sketches and skits the duo put together are lighthearted and hysterical.

4. Parks and Recreation


People had little faith in NBC’s Parks and Recreation after the first season, which was rather average and, well, boring. However, when season two rolled around, there was an entirely different story. From season two on, the amazing ensemble cast provided viewers with an entrancing and hilarious view of life inside the Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Recreation department.

3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


This show has been described before as “Seinfeld gone wild.” While the two aforementioned shows have extremely lovable characters, Always Sunny has some of the most despicable people ever put on television. The narcissistic nature of the characters’ interactions and the many screwed-up situations they find themselves provide an abundance of very inappropriate humor, and you can’t help but die laughing at practically every episode.

2. The Office


NBC does sitcoms right. This show has provided television with some of the greatest and most hilariously uncomfortable episodes of the 21st century, including “Dinner Party” and “Scott’s Tots” (the laptop batteries scene kill me every single time). While the Dunder Mifflin staff provides viewers with more than enough laughs, there is also a lot of heart to the show. Jim and Pam’s love story is one for the ages, and the wisdom Michael tries to convey to his staff (though sometimes the method is very, very misguided) carries a lot of weight.
1. Arrested Development


The story of America’s most dysfunctional family is arguably the funniest TV show of all time. Though it was short-lived due to ratings, there is so much amazing material in the three seasons it was on the air. Arrested Development is jam-packed with clever jokes; you pick up on new jokes every single time you rewatch an episode. The Bluth/Fünke family is one of the funniest families in TV history, and the show’s supporting characters, including Barry Zuckerkorn, their lawyer, and Ice, the bounty hunter/party planner, help make the show what it is.