Will You Heart iOS10?

Julia Agius, Staff Writer

Do you have an Apple product and don’t know if you should get the new iOS10 update, here’s what you need to know.

On Tuesday, September 13th, Apple released their long awaited iOS 10 update. Changes came not only to the messenger app, but also to the lock screen, the notification bar, and a general new design to the display of the product and its apps.  

Text messages can now express more emotion. As Apple puts it, “You can say it proud. Say it loud. Or whisper it.” This feature sends the text either in a larger print, a shaking message, or in a small font, supposedly reflecting emotion in the text. Handwritten messages can also be sent, just like writing on paper. Another major messaging feature is the ability to send texts with animations. These animations include balloons, fireworks, lasers, a shooting star, and confetti. You can even send pictures and texts with invisible ink. And that’s not all. Apple added another feature that enables animated sketches such as a “fireball,” “heart,” or “kiss.” Overall, the look of messenger has drastically changed.

This leads to the next major change. If you have already have iOS 10, you know the emojis have received a complete makeover. They are much larger and have taken on a whole new appearance. The details are more refined and the design of these emojis greatly resembles Android emojis. Along with the new emojis, Siri also received upgrade. Apple’s helpful companion can now work with apps and do tasks within the open app.

Maps has transformed as well. It is now possible to create a reservation for a restaurant within Maps and search for places along your route.

It wasn’t all about redesigns, at least one unfamiliar app was also added to the home screen . It is called “Home” and according to Apple , “[It] lets you turn on lights, unlock doors, and even raise your window shades — all at once if you like.”

The music app now resembles the overall aesthetic Apple has created in iOS10. An exciting, new addition allows you view the lyrics while you are listening to a song, a cue it took from the Amazon music app. Apple has also added “rich notifications” that lets respond to texts and view photos from your notifications.

A search bar has been added to the Photos app where you can search for a picture based on things in the photo. In addition to this, Apple has added something called, Memories, to the Photo app. Past pictures are grouped together by an event, such as a vacation. This capability is very similar to Google Photos.

And one more thing, when you unlock your phone, instead of sliding to the right to open it, you now hit the home button again to type in your password. Swiping right brings you to a widget that shows your upcoming events in your calendar, apps suggested by Siri, the new and improved Apple News, the weather, and any other apps you want to be displayed.

These varied, extravagant changes to the look of the software of Apple’s products in iOS10 address many of the complaints people have had with iOS9.

If you are looking to an upgrade a newer Apple device, then consider iOS10. Otherwise, you might want wait.