She’s Dolphinately a Shark


Courtesy of ABC

Dolphinately at Shark

Lynne Chen, Staff Writer


If you tuned in to The Bachelor premiere this previous Monday, you were introduced to Nick Viall, the new bachelor. This season promises to be hilarious and drama filled as women of all different personalities compete for the final rose, and a proposal. Many things happened during this first episode. There was a girl from Nick’s past that he was clearly still upset with, a girl who gave out hug tokens, a girl who ran up to Nick in sneakers, and even a girl who entered on a camel.

Still, despite all the unique events that occurred, nothing from the entire two hours topped the girl who walked in wearing a shark costume… and thought she was a dolphin. Alexis Winters, an aspiring dolphin trainer, constantly repeated throughout the two hour episode that her costume was of a dolphin instead of a shark. This created lots of discussion on Twitter with her controversial statement. Twitter user @Omri_Rawrlan tweeted:















First things first, I’ll just put the debates to an end now, she’s definitely a shark. Alexis’ costume clearly has gills and DOLPHINS DO NOT HAVE GILLS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT FISH. Not only that, dolphin teeth are very small while sharks have the classic larger teeth, much like the ones on Alexis’ costume.

Despite her clear lack of knowledge about dolphins AND sharks, Nick Viall gave her a rose and will continue to have her on the show. Even though many people were frustrated by Alexis and her ignorance about sea creatures, Bachelor Nation can’t help but wonder what she will do next.

Good luck Nick.

P.S. She’s dolphinately a shark