Falcons Finish Fight for 55

Abbie Daltorio, Sports Editor

North Carolina is home to the two greatest rivalries in sports history: the UNC and Duke rivalry, and most importantly the Green Hope and Panther Creek rivalry.  Last night men’s tennis defeated Panther Creek to clinch the eighteenth and final point needed to win the Fight for 55.  This is the second year since the Fight for 55 has begun, and the Falcons have taken home both signs.  

In the fall the Falcons were able to take home seven Fight for 55 points.  Women’s tennis and cross country each won both of their points.  Volleyball, men’s soccer and cheer each got one point of their own.  Men’s soccer and volleyball each had only one loss all season, and both losses were to Panther Creek.  However, these losses just motivated the teams more, which led men’s soccer and volleyball both to won the State Championship.  Coach Corsbie enjoys overcoming the Catamounts, “Rivalries with perspective are great for sports.  When we’re able to bring out the best in ourselves and in other teams it can create a fun, competitive environment.  When you have the upper hand in a rivalry it feels even better!”  The soccer players also commented that it’s great to have a ring, especially since the Catamounts don’t.

In winter, Green Hope claimed six more points.  Men’s basketball swept Panther Creek for the first time in years.  Senior Conner Sutton loves the 55 rivalry, “I think it’s awesome to have a rivalry that’s taken so seriously by all the sports teams and also by all of the people who don’t play sports.”  Swimming and dive also contributed two points.  Women’s basketball and wrestling each grabbed a point.  The women’s basketball coach, Mike Robinson loves to beat the Catamounts, “It always feels good to contribute to the Fight for 55, it’s a big rival and all the players get up for every game that we play in against Panther Creek.”  Senior Kelly Fitzgerald personally loves defeating Panther Creek, “It feels great to beat Panther Creek because they’re our rival and last year a PC student threw soda on my car on my way back from lunch so that was a huge source of motivation for me.”

Spring sports are still rolling, but so far they have won five Fight for 55 points.  Baseball, men’s lacrosse and women’s soccer have all won one point.  Men’s lacrosse goalie, Conor Ryan was very excited about the Fight for 55 win, “It feels fantastic to beat our rivals so thoroughly. There were a couple of really close games and to pull away as we did just reaffirms the fact that we have the best athletics program in the state.”  Men’s tennis has secured two points, including last night’s point that guarantees Green Hope’s overall victory in the Fight for 55.  Senior Ben Wayand felt very good about their crucial victory last night, “It was really relieving because there was a lot of tension between the teams.  It was really exciting to beat Panther Creek and win the Fight for 55.”  Track, softball, soccer, men’s lacrosse, men’s golf, baseball and stunt each have one more opportunity to win another point.  Women’s lacrosse has two points on the line.  Coach Miragliuolo is always eager to beat the Catamounts, “Panther Creek has become one of our biggest rivals, and will continue to be our rival next year because we’ll be in the same conference.  It’s always nice to get the best of your rivals.”

More points will be up for grabs during Super Saturday.  This year Green Hope will host Super Saturday on April 22.  There will be nine games starting at 9:00 in the morning and lasting until women’s soccer kickoff at 7:00pm.  Congratulations to all of the varsity athletes who have worked to bring home the Fight for 55 title, and good luck to all those who have chances to earn more points.