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Lauren Medlin

The Inkblot Spring 2017, Issue 2: Time

The Inkblot Spring 2017. The topic for issue 2 was time and the Creative Writing II students composed all of their pieces around this. The Editorial Board for this issue was Opal Clarkson, Carter Etgen, Lauren Medlin, David Poling, and Kathy Xiao. Together they worked to ensure the quality of the issue and each production. Here are some comments from the members of the Board.

My hope was to see what interesting ways people would write about the concept of time. I knew everyone was going to have different, creative, and original approaches to writing about all types of time in their stories, poems, or songs. I was really looking forward to reading everyone’s pieces and see how they tied the concept/theme of time into whatever they wrote.  – Opal Clarkson

My hope for this issue was to get some people to express themselves and their feelings through their writing and to show everyone reading their piece their thoughts and feelings when given something such as the concept of time.  I have a strong feeling that all the pieces put in the inkblot will be extremely entertaining and amazing to all the people who read it. – Carter Etgen

I had hoped that such an adaptable theme as time would yield many personalized pieces from our writers.  My expectations were far exceeded, and I believe that this issue has many enjoyable works that will be intriguing to those who read them. – Lauren Medlin

I believe time is a very diverse subject that can explore countless depths of not only human emotion, but different physical settings, themes and of course times.  As a theme for this issue I hope this diversity we explored in writing allows for readers with all kinds of interest to cherish the compilation of great literary talent we have presented in this issue. – David Poling

When the Editorial Board came up with the idea of ‘time’, we were excited to see the all the different ideas that the writers would come up with in this issue.  I was not only blown away by the diversity of every piece that was written, but also by all the development in our writers as we worked on this issue. Every writer took the concept of time and made a unique and individual piece. It was heartwarming to see everyone grow as a writer and I believe that this issue of the Inkblot is a very strong one. -Kathy Xiao

Up the Hill
Beep Beep
Since the Beginning of Time
Ticked Off


There was a bump in the night. A sound that disrupted the peace and quiet of the warm summer. John’s eyes slowly blinked open and started scanning around the room to find what woke him. There was nothing different that he could make out in his room. He turned over in his bed to make himself more comfy and glanced at the clock. It was 1:30 A.M. The next night there was another bump. A pounding...

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The Life of Death
A Bloom in my Heart
To Reminisce, To Advance
Worlds Apart
Only Time Will Tell

The Alarm Clock

“beeEPp! BEeeep! beeEEeep!” The old alarm clock groaned tiredly. It had been on its last legs for some time now, croaking and sputtering out its chimes hoarsely every morning for the last twenty years. Somedays, its once bone-chilling shriek came out as barely a whisper. But every time its gears clunked sluggishly, making its voice become thin and tremulous, and every time it seemed inevitable...