Local Entrepreneur Stars on Shark Tank

March 13, 2015

Kate Steadman and Sharon Bui, locals from Raleigh, NC, have generated quite a bit of anticipation regarding their upcoming appearance on one of ABC’s most popular television shows, Shark Tank. Their clever business idea strives to change sororities and weddings for the better. Premiering Friday, March 13, the girls present Frill, their newly successful business, and plan on asking for the sharks’ help. Steadman and Bui are in search of a large sum of $100,000 in exchange for twenty percent of their company.

The pair started with only $500 but was able to make $37,000 in sales during their first year of business. Steadman and Bui  started Frill while attending NC State University in 2012. They were able to run the business successfully before graduating and then decided to make Frill their main focus. In the beginning, their sales were attributed to different sororities purchasing dresses and outfits for group occasions, but since then, the business expanded their horizons and now sells dresses to accommodate the needs of bridesmaids as well.

Frill is based around the idea that sororities and many bridesmaids pay hundreds of dollars for matching formal wear, which they have never tried on and have not even seen firsthand. Frill presents more cost-effective, higher quality formal wear that is custom-made for each group that puts in an order. They have a few competitors, but none offer the same quality with the same guaranteed level of satisfaction. On the website, frillclothing.com, Steadman and Bui have constructed an easy way to help the customer find what she is looking for at an affordable price. They have a wide variety of items and choices ranging from accessories, to everyday wear, to the more formal sorority and bridal dresses and skirts.

Shark Tank’s popularity demonstrates that any entrepreneur, even local students or friends, can create and develop amazing ideas. To find out more about their clothing, viewers can visit frillclothing.com or watch their Shark Tank experience tonight on ABC.


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