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Mission Statement:

The Green Hope Falcon provides the Green Hope High School community with fair and accurate coverage of the student body in order to inform, enlighten, and entertain.

Opinion Policy:

The Green Hope Falcon is a public forum and will not sensationalize news and events, invade personal privacy, or publish material that would embarrass or degrade any individual or group.

Editorial articles included in the Green Hope Falcon represent the informed opinion of the individual staff writer and should not be misconstrued as the opinion of the faculty adviser or the administration.

Letters to the editor are encouraged and will be published if submissions are relative, signed, and accompanied by contact information.

The Inkblot

The Inkblot is a production of the Creative Writing program at Green Hope High School.  It is intended as a forum for Green Hope students to share original work, including poetry, drama, short fiction, and creative nonfiction.  Students often choose to write about issues and subjects that are personally meaningful to them, and some pieces may be challenging for readers.  Students may even adopt a fictional persona/perspective for the purposes of artistic exploration and expression.  The views and feelings expressed in this collection do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of school administrators, teachers, or students.

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About Us