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Condemning the Confessions: Black Falcons take on hate content

September 4, 2020

It’s only been three weeks into the start of an unprecedented school year in the midst of unpreceden...

Teacher Spotlight Mr. Regan

Teacher Spotlight Mr. Regan

January 17, 2020

How long have you been teaching at Green Hope? Regan: I have been teaching at Green Hope for four year...

Christmas Pickup Lines at Their Pinest

Christmas Pickup Lines at Their Pinest

December 19, 2019

Are you soul searching for a significant other to bring you holiday cheer? This is the most wonderful time...

The Young Men of GH host their inaugural meeting in the weightlifting room

The Real Young Men of Green Hope on ‘Meninism’

December 18, 2019

So agreed the rest of the twenty sophomores and juniors huddled in the corner of a weight room, laughing and joking together despite the hushed whispers and curious glances from outside: this is the “Young Men of Green Hope”, where meninism -- a counter interpretation of feminism --  and “men’s issues” are talked about in what board members President Michael Lu ‘22 and Abhi Juvvadi ‘22 like to call a “safe” and “comfortable” environment. 

Senior Year Bucket List

Senior Year Bucket List

October 24, 2019

Class of 2020, it is finally your senior year!  That means there are only 2 semesters left to make y...

Aishna stands second from the top right, with other Class of 2019-2020 CBYX Scholars who are pursuing a gap year in high school or between high school and college

Taking on Germany Gap Year with Prestigious CBYX Scholarship: GH alumna Aishna Dhungel

October 3, 2019

Aishna Dhungel (‘19) graduated from Green Hope last year with a fully padded resume, but instead of moving into an empty dorm room, she moved into a castle perched beside the shores of the famous German Rhine River -- for free.

Mr. Pluchino Teacher Feature

September 18, 2019

What’s the key to living your best life?   Making sure you are happy. When it’s not fun...

Brutus the Bulldog

Furry Falcons: Brutus the Bulldog

February 6, 2019

Furry Falcons is a series on Falcon News Feed. Teachers and students can be interviewed to have their p...

Furry Falcons: Sika and Chip

Furry Falcons: Sika and Chip

January 22, 2019

  Katie Loughran is a freshman at Green Hope. We asked her a few questions about her two dog...

The Morehead-Cain and Park Scholarships are two of North Carolina's most prestigious scholarships.

Meet Green Hope’s Morehead-Cain and Park School Nominees

October 29, 2018

The Morehead-Cain and the Park Scholarships are two of the most prestigious North Carolina scholarships...

Soccer Wins Fight for 55 Point, Secures Tri-6

Soccer Wins Fight for 55 Point, Secures Tri-6

October 25, 2018

The Green Hope men's soccer team topped Panther Creek on Wednesday, October 24th by a score of 1-0. The...

Teachers Read Rate my Teacher Reviews

September 11, 2018

Watch your favorite Green Hope teachers read Rate my Teacher Reviews!

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