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Colombian protesters

Green Hope Students Respond to the Protests In Colombia

Jason Rong, Editor and Writer June 27, 2021

  Main Conflict of the Protests in Colombia “I am wearing a costume that represents death: it represents the massacres that have been occurring in Colombia under this government, the killings...


Pollen is Back

Kavya Kolindala May 3, 2021

Spring has almost officially arrived! For most people, that’s a great thing because it means it’s almost time to bring out the beach towels and sunglasses. For others, it’s not as exciting, because...

Green Hope students and teachers are interested in the idea of a Virtual Academy next year, but many are raising concerns about how it will be operated.

Students & Teachers React: WCPSS Creates Virtual Academy for 2021-22

Lucas Moore and Samir Tusneem April 30, 2021

WCPSS recently voted to create a virtual academy for the 2021-2022 school year, and while a portion of students are enticed by this option, they also have some concerns about how effective and rewarding...

While over half of Green Hope is learning virtually this year, a significantly higher percentage of students are planning to return physically for the 21-22 school year

Students Divided: In Person or Virtual Academy for 2021-2022?

Lucas Moore and Samir Tusneem April 29, 2021

The Wake County Public School System approved the creation of a Virtual Academy on Tuesday last week. With this, they also approved a registration timeline for the 2021-22 school year which opened on April...

Watercolor illustration of North and South America, on Earth. Picture courtesy of Elena Mozhvillo of

Products to Guide You Into Becoming a Cruelty-Free Consumer

Shea McIntyre April 22, 2021

On Earth Day, it's especially important to embrace our environment and continue to advocate for issues that threaten it. But, to really protect our mother earth, lifestyles changes in not only how long...

What Are We Doing to Our Oceans? Summarizing Seaspiracy so you don't have to watch it!

What Are We Doing to Our Oceans? Summarizing Seaspiracy so you don’t have to watch it!

Lorelei Zagacki April 16, 2021

Follow through these infographics to learn more about the Sea industry. Watch Seaspiracy now on Netflix!

Get back to what you love- 
Google’s Vaccine ad and State’s extension of vaccine eligibility

COVID Vaccine- State Extension of Vaccine Eligibility

Taewan Park April 13, 2021

We can all relate that once any commercial plays while you are watching your favorite youtube video, we can't simply wait until the “Skip Ads” button pops up and skip it right away. However, Google’s...

Headlines were made again just a few weeks ago after the discovery of a dead Sarah Everard, inciting a conversation about how no one is as safe as they think they are

Watch Out: Sexual Assault in North Carolina and Beyond

Trigger Warning: Assault, Sexual Assault mentioned.  Everything was done right: keys in hand, fluorescent athleisure pulled on, and a check in text sent, Sarah Everard embarked upon a quick jog, not...

Atlanta Shooting- When Those in Your Community are Grieving, How Can You Help?

Atlanta Shooting- When Those in Your Community are Grieving, How Can You Help?

Ellie Hamashima March 26, 2021

Racism against Asian Americans has been steadily climbing this past year, and while some may have hoped the end of 2020 would halt the increase in hate, it has done the opposite. Since January, violence...

Wake County High Schools in High Alert for Severe Weather

Wake County High Schools in High Alert for Severe Weather

Samir Tusneem, Staff Writer March 17, 2021

3/17/2021 On Wednesday, March 17, the Wake County Publication Schools System announced that Thursday will be an asynchronous learning day for all students. With the likelihood of severe weather tomorrow,...

Most students opt to join virtual classes with their camera and mic off, visible to their teachers and peers only as a small, pixelated icon.

Classroom Community: Only A Button Click Away

Lucas Moore, Editor March 10, 2021

Sitting down at a table, meeting new friends, carrying on a side conversation during class, cracking jokes that erupt the classroom in laughter: all of these are experiences from a classroom with a flourishing...

The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine being administered at Cary Academy.

Green Hope Staff on Getting the Vaccine

Ellie Hamashima March 10, 2021

This March, approaching their Year Anniversary with Coronavirus, many teachers have recently received their first vaccine dose. Regardless of which vaccine they received, Moderna or Pfizer, Green Hope...

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