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Grasping at Nostalgia; The Growth of Streaming Services

Mason Barish, Editor February 14, 2021

This past week, Netflix announced that it had picked up the first two seasons of popular Nickelodeon show iCarly, which ended back in 2012. This was done in the wake of the announcement of the Paramount...

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Friends

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Friends

Nidhi Patel, Staff Writer February 12, 2021

If you are in a relationship or single on Valentine's day, it's always a good idea to celebrate with your friends who love you. This is why we have few ideas on what to do on Valentine's Day with your...

On My Identity: Queerness in a Christian World

On My Identity: Queerness in a Christian World

Maddy Chen February 10, 2021

Note: the following was written by an anonymous Green Hope student hoping to share their story to support others who may feel similarly (I am not taking credit for this writing, just believed it was worthwhile...

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How to Better Accomplish Worldbuilding Within Your Writing

Mason Barish, Editor January 22, 2021

A definition to help better understand what worldbuilding is would be to chalk it up to the in-depth description of the setting in any story. Worldbuilding is essential when you’re writing any story,...

From widely celebrated shows with a cemented place in our pop culture to recent releases that have made a buzz around streaming services, here is a list of the top 6 shows to watch right now.

Top 6 Shows to Watch Right Now

Jason Rong, Writer January 22, 2021

 The Promised Neverland  The Promised Neverland is an epic horror anime. It’s scary not because of superficial factors; but because it explores themes like the innocence of childhood. The anime...

Picture of the COVID Vaccine that is currently undergoing testing and distribution.
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Was COVID Present Earlier Than We Thought?

Lorelei Zagacki, Writer January 11, 2021

Before the uproar of COVID cases within the United States, many Americans were unaware of the detriment it would cause. Many individuals questioned whether COVID had reached the US before it was ever published...

10 Tips to a Totally Terrific Interview

10 Tips to a Totally Terrific Interview

Emma Hamrick, Writer January 5, 2021

As high schoolers, you are most likely going to have to go through an interview at some point, whether that be for a leadership position in a club, a job, or maybe even for college. Interviews can be extremely...

Virtual Learning and Teacher Mental Health

Virtual Learning and Teacher Mental Health

Ellie Hamashima, Writer January 5, 2021

While Teacher Appreciation Week comes to a close, we must recognize the turmoil and stress many teachers have felt through virtual learning. While the circumstances are less than ideal, there may be something...

Looking Back at 2020 Trends

Looking Back at 2020 Trends

Annie Hu, Social Media Manager December 18, 2020

2020 has definitely felt longer than a year to most of us and as the months dragged on, many, many, trends have come and gone. As the year (finally) comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on what trends...

A Candle Lover’s Guide To 2020 Bath & Body Works’ Seasonal Scents:

A Candle Lover’s Guide To 2020 Bath & Body Works’ Seasonal Scents:

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor December 9, 2020

Candle can·​dle | \ ˈkan-dᵊl  \ plural candles noun definition: A perfect gift to present to friends or family, a calming object to reduce the prevalent stressors enhanced during...

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Should you start investing?

Jason Rong, Writer November 28, 2020

Did the word “Investing” ever cross your mind? For many teenagers, Investing is a foreign concept. For students at Green Hope, however, it isn’t anything new. Some students at Green Hope already...

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How to Become a Better Public Speaker

Samir Tusneem, Writer November 28, 2020

Do you get anxious before presentations? Are you afraid that you will mess up and embarrass yourself in front of the audience? Are you unsure if you are grabbing the audience’s attention? These questions...

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