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You vs. Sims: What do you look like as a Sims?

You vs. Sims: What do you look like as a Sims?

Lorelei Zagacki, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

Hi, my name is Lorelei and I’m a part of the Green Hope Leadership in Media staff. I asked Green Hope students to send in some pictures so I could create their Sims! Scroll down and find yourself in...

Metaphoric graphic of “K-POP songs returning to Spotify after the two companies resolved the licensing issue.

K-POP Songs Are BACK on Spotify

Taewan Park, Multimedia Editor March 28, 2021

Back in March, Spotify announced licensing issues with KakaoM, a Korean music distributor company with Spotify which led to removal of hundreds of K-pop songs from Spotify. This tragedy has put...

Image courtesy to Jennifer Pallian. 

What cookie should I review next?

What is the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

Elaina Gilsenan, Staff Writer March 22, 2021

Doesn’t everybody want to find out what the best chocolate chip cookie recipe is? I surveyed Green Hope students and asked them what their favorite recipe was, then I tested out the top 4. Here are my...

If you ever want to broaden your movie knowledge or watch something you normally wouldn't: check out Falcons Favorite Flics for each month!

Falcon’s Favorite Flics- February Edition!

Taewan Park and Emma Hamrick March 1, 2021

A month has passed, which means that it is time for the February iteration of Falcon’s Favorite Flics (that is being released in March…)! This time around we asked other students from Green Hope to...

Your favorite monthly fix of Falcon's song recommendations is back!!

Falcon’s Favorite Tunes- February Edition!

Ellie Hamashima and Shea McIntyre February 28, 2021

Happy February Folks! For the shortest month of the year it was certainly a tougher task to ask students a song that represents so little time-- but with a different blend of R&B, Alternative, and...

Collage of Super Bowl Halftime Show Performances

Green Hope’s Top 5 Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Taewan Park, Multimedia Editor February 16, 2021

During the recent year, Americans have gone through tough struggles and tensions surrounding pandemic, social issues, and politics. Surely, America has gotten more divided and conflicted than ever during...

What romcom are you? 
Let us know!

Take this Quiz to Find Out Which Iconic Rom Com To Watch Next

Ellie Hamashima, Staff Writer February 12, 2021

This February, love is in the air! Embrace it by spending the night watching a movie from one of our favorite genres *drumroll please* rom-com! Whether revisiting an old favorite, or trying something new,...

What Dunkin Drink Did you get? 
Will you try it? 
If so, cheers!

Find out the Perfect Dunkin Order For You- Take This Quiz!

Elaina Gilsenan, Staff Writer February 11, 2021

Take This Quiz to Find the Perfect  Dunkin’ Coffee For You! Wondering what coffee to order at Dunkin? Look no further! I have created a quiz to help you find the perfect drink for you, click here...

With these tips we hope you game on, falcons!

Online Gaming Etiquette ~ Toxicity Free!

Kavya Kolindala, Staff Writer February 10, 2021

Since the rise in the popularity of e-sports, gaming communities have grown to number in millions, ranging from kids to adults in the like. Although this brings a lot of diversity and different skills...

Falcons Favorite Tunes- January Edition!

Falcons Favorite Tunes- January Edition!

Ellie Hamashima and Shea McIntyre January 25, 2021

New year, the same format. Going into 2021 we continued to find a plethora of genres and artists, the only similarity being the fact that fellow Green Hope students recommended them! Are you looking to...

Senioritis Playlist

Senioritis Playlist

Ameena Farooqui, Editor- In- Chief January 21, 2021

As we kick-off to a new semester, as a senior, I cannot help but experience the universal feeling of SENIORITIS. This means constant mixed emotions of both excitement and laziness for the class of 2021....

Short Story Second Place: The Benevolence of a Shrew

Short Story Second Place: The Benevolence of a Shrew

Callista Holleschak January 7, 2021

Our story begins on, or rather under the extensive cornfields of Farmer Lionel in the domain of the moles...  Mr. Jax was not a member of the Mole Council, yet he thought he would attend the monthly...

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