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Kiera Kofkin-Hansen
Kiera Kofkin-Hansen is a sophomore, and this is her first year taking Falcon News Feed. She took this class because she enjoys writing and English, and her sister, Shea, liked the class and recommended it. Kiera is excited for sophomore year because she now knows her way around Green Hope but has not yet reached the dreaded junior year. Outside of school, Kiera spends her time playing lacrosse or being involved in the National Charity League with her mom. She loves tacos and pigs, and is still trying to convince her parents to get her a teacup pig!  While at school, her favorite subjects are English and History. This summer, Kiera went to the beach with friends and had fun traveling to California. She is from a city in Australia and says Cary is much hotter. Watching the movie Clueless has inspired Kiera to be a lawyer in the future, and she would love to live in a big city!

Kiera Kofkin-Hansen, Staff Writer

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