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Shea McIntyre

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

Shea is in her third year at Green Hope - a junior ready to take on whatever 2020 throws at her next! She has lived in North Carolina all her life, but spent a lot of time in California in the summer during her early childhood. When Shea isn’t obsessing over unicorns, she’s obsessing over her friends, photography, and coffee. In her spare time, she loves spending time with people, and swims for fun. Described to be loyal, kind, and chill - she enjoys organizing events for her friends, and has a tendency to plan ahead. When she’s dancing and bopping, you will NEVER find her blasting country music. She finds classical music, pop, and EDM easy to get down to at any point of the day though! If Shea could travel anywhere in the world, she would like to see Northern Italy, Switzerland, and enjoys sights with mountains, and the beach. She finds herself at peace when she’s surrounded by nature. If Shea was president, she says she would remove taxes on feminine products, allow immigration, and would put a nation-wide mask mandate in place. Although in quarantine, Shea has hope for the future, and is going to try her best to tackle her junior year like the boss queen she is! 

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Additional Updates for any NHS applicants, hopeful members, and current members. As of Nov. 30th- lots of new information is available for students!


January 4, 2021
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Shea McIntyre