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Ameena Farooqui
Ameena Farooqui is the Co-Editor-In-Chief this year for The GH Falcon, and has been a part of the staff for two years now. She loves this class because not only does she like to write articles and edit videos, but she also loves meeting new people and getting to interview them. Ameenas’ bubbly personality never fails to put smiles on the faces of the people around her. Ameena is planning on majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and aspires to eventually work on a talk show. She loves the outdoors, and especially likes going on bike rides while listening to music. Her favorite band is The Wallows, and can’t wait to go to one of their concerts someday. Ameena makes killer spotify playlists, and you’ll often see her jamming to them in the car with her friends. She also has a bucket list full of things she wants to do before she goes to college, one of them is feeding a giraffe! Ameena hopes to go on a big trip with her friends to finish off her senior year!

Ameena Farooqui, Editor-in-Chief

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