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Anna Dunn
Anna Eleanor Dunn is a five-foot-tall senior at Green Hope High School and the president of the Food Ark. You can find her working at Doherty’s Irish Pub & Restaurant as a hostess. In her free time, Anna DM’s Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson photos of her dog Rocky. If you come to a girls varsity lacrosse game, make sure to say hi to Anna while she warms up the bench. Anna is a fan of Billy Joel and Nantucket, Massachusetts, but she is not a fan of animals or the color orange. Don’t worry about leaving your rusty nails around, this Green Hope student got her tetanus shot last year. If you like to laugh, Anna Dunn is not the person for the job. Friends have described her as “a tryhard for comedic entertainment." When asked what superpower she would most like to have, Anna stated that she would like to have the ability to read minds. If you want to waste an hour of your life, ask Anna about her Argentina trip. Anna is looking forward to a fun senior year.

Anna Dunn, Staff Writer

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