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Caity Dawes
Senior, Caity Dawes was born in Providence, Rhode Island and her relaxed vibe lives up to the “wicked pissa” Northeastern culture. Her spirit is just as cool as her music picks including throwback jams and everyone's favorite feminist queen, Lizzo. Caity is returning from last years class with The Falcon and is excited for her another year full of fun. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon Caity watching the mother daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, as Caity’s guilty pleasure and favorite show is Gilmore Girls. Don’t be fooled though, she wasn’t in total favor of the reboot! After this class and Green Hope High School she aspires to continue journalism through sports broadcasting. Fitting for Dawes, a former soccer star, she’s a huge sports fan stating that “Serena Williams is my favorite athlete!” When asked what emoji she relates to or favorites the most a white sneaker emoticon is what she ranked best. And although Dawes is eager to graduate in June of 2020, she's actually a bigger fan of the winter season.

Caity Dawes, Sports Editor

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