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Ideliya Khismatova
Ideliya Khismatova is a senior writer who is in her second year of falcon news feed. She has one younger brother, one hamster, and enjoys to run during her free time. In the future, she wants to major in environmental science. Her spirit animal is a pelican because they’re majestic and they can fly. This summer she was able to go to a World Cup game to watch Spain vs. Iran. One interesting fact about Ideliya is that she speaks 3 languages. She can speak English, Russian and Tatar. Interesting enough she was born in Siberia. She thinks that the Green Hope community is a great place where people are very supportive. She enjoys going to chick fil a because of the fries, which happen to be her favorite food. If she could go to one place in the world it would be Norway because she wants to go skiing in the mountains.

Ideliya Khismatova, Student Life Editor

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