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Kaia Patel
Meet Kaia! This is her third year on The Green Hope Falcon. As a senior, Kaia hopes to make the best of her last year in high school. You can find her rolling up to school in her Volkswagen Jetta while listening to indie rock music. This past summer, Kaia traveled to California where she snorkeled with sea lions. She enjoyed the cool temperature of the West Coast which was a nice break from Cary’s bipolar weather. Her other day time job (besides attending Green Hope) is hostessing at Chuy’s. Kaia recommends the creamy jalapeno ranch with the chips and tres leches cake to all customers. Kaia hates animals of all kinds. Seriously, like every single one. Kaia’s mom is the funniest thing about her. Most of Kaia’s friends only stick around for her mom and her enchiladas. However, if you’re friends with Kaia she’s sure to make you look funny because she laughs at almost every joke. 

Kaia Patel, Opinion Editor

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