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Karen Jean
Meet Ana-Karen Jean Morales, the student that radiates friendliness and enthusiasm. Her Pisces nature inherently makes her incredibly intuitive and also willing to go out of her comfort zone, this year being that of writing. She believes Leadership in Media is a class that will challenge her to improve her journalism skills while also giving her the ability to meet new people and make lasting memories before college. Karen finds no fear in going to school virtually and is excited to connect to the student body even through a screen. This positive gal with three different citizenships says her friends would describe her as outgoing, crazy, non-judgemental, friendly, and silly. Whenever she visits the beach, Karen likes to look for dolphins because they remind her of herself; faithful, loving, and full of emotional capacity. In 5 years, she hopes to be living in Europe and in 12, she’ll be married with 4 children. Her advice to all is to try something new everyday such as listening to songs in different languages. This bubbly girl will be super fun to have on the GH Falcon team and will definitely bring liveliness to the group! 

Karen Jean, Staff Writer

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Karen Jean