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Lorelei Zagacki
Meet Lorelei Zagacki, She is a junior at Green Hope. As her first year in GH Falcon, she is extremely excited to meet new people and contribute to the class with her extremely amazing ideas and talent. She lived most of her life in North Carolina. She also went to private school for a few years but she prefers to go to public school. She Loves to go to beaches and explore in the summer. Her favorite things to do is hang out with her friends and watch Netflix. In her free time, she likes to sleep and relax. Over the summer she tried many things that made her happy like painting and making videos. Lorelei is a very positive person and is always looking to make people laugh. In Future lorelei is planning to go to UCW and teach elementary kids. 

Lorelei Zagacki, Staff Writer

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Lorelei Zagacki