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Maddy Chen
This is Maddy’s second year at Green Hope. She previously lived in Shanghai, China where she grew a love for writing while taking a class in Media. She loves being involved in school and meeting new students. You’ll almost always see her in the media center. She’s easily distracted and sometimes spends too much time talking to her friends rather than studying. After highschool she sees herself going to college in California. One thing on Maddy’s bucket list is going to Europe and visiting the Eiffel Tower. Her spirit animal is a seal, but many say she’s more like a koala. Maddy enjoys finding new music on Spotify and sharing her playlists with others. In her free time, she enjoys making videos, shopping, or getting bubble tea with friends.  She hopes to one day work at Boba Baba in Stone Creek. Maddy’s extremely excited to be a part of The GH Falcon this year!

Maddy Chen, Staff Writer

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