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WHAT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: The Storming of the US Capitol

WHAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: The Storming of the US Capitol

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor January 6, 2021

WHAT'S GOING ON RIGHT NOW: Trump Supporters Storm the US Capitol Due to speculation of unfair, rigged election results MAGA wearing Trump supporters have stormed the Capitol where inside the Congress...

Lucas Moore 2023

Sign(s) of the Times

Annie Hu and Taewan Park November 6, 2020

With North Carolina being a swing state in the 2020 Presidential Election, there’s no escape from politics in Cary as election season swings around. In addition to the Presidential election, there were...

America Needs Less Moore.

Stand Up For America by Standing Against Moore

Cayley Ryan, Staff Writer December 8, 2017

It may seem bizarre to care about a Senate race in a state we don’t belong to or inhabit, but the Alabaman race may very well give us a hint into the future of our nation. Republican candidate Roy Moore...

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