The Green Hope Falcon

What hidden gem did you get?

The Hidden Gems of the Triangle!

Ellie Hamashima, Staff Writer April 19, 2021

Are you a Green Hope student who is bored of constantly hanging out in Target? Well, you're in luck! Linked below is the new ‘What Hidden Gem Should You Try Next’ quiz, complete with answers ranging...

What vaccine are you?

Which COVID Vaccine Are You Most Like?

Emma Hamrick April 16, 2021

After living in the Covid-19 pandemic for almost an entire year there was a spark of hope, as three large companies began to create vaccines for the virus - Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson....

How Well Do You Know Green Hope?

How Well Do You Know Green Hope?

Jason Rong, Staff Writer April 7, 2021

Do you think you know the ins and outs of GHHS? Put your knowledge to the test and take this quiz! Enjoy!

Which Member of the GH Falcon Staff Are You?

Which Member of the GH Falcon Staff Are You?

Emma Hamrick March 25, 2021

Hey yall! The Green Hope Falcon Staff is filled with wonderful, creative people. The staff has gotten to know each other a lot over the course of the year. And we would love the same for our viewers! As...

Take this quick quiz and let us know what grade you are (literally or just spiritually)! Also, if you have a specific quiz topic in mind contact us on our socials!

Answer these Qs and we’ll tell you whether you’re a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior!

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor March 15, 2021

If you are reading this it means you likely have a relationship with Green Hope High School in some capacity as a student, teacher, whatever! And if you've ever wanted to see how well I, Shea, the student-life...

Let us know what fuzzy, warm squishmallow you got!

Take this Quiz to See Which Squishmallow You Are!

Emma Hamrick, Staff Writer February 17, 2021 There were Build-A-Bears. There were Pillow Pets. Now there are Squishmallows. Squishmallows are the newest stuffed craze that has been...

Are you a UNCW or an NC State? Take our quiz and let us know!

What North Carolina University Are You? TAKE THIS QUIZ & FIND OUT!

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor February 16, 2021

Now that the 2020-21 College Application Season is almost concluded and seniors are receiving decisions I felt inspired to create a quiz to see what NC College/University (just a small number of all) you're...

What romcom are you? 
Let us know!

Take this Quiz to Find Out Which Iconic Rom Com To Watch Next

Ellie Hamashima, Staff Writer February 12, 2021

This February, love is in the air! Embrace it by spending the night watching a movie from one of our favorite genres *drumroll please* rom-com! Whether revisiting an old favorite, or trying something new,...

What Dunkin Drink Did you get? 
Will you try it? 
If so, cheers!

Find out the Perfect Dunkin Order For You- Take This Quiz!

Elaina Gilsenan, Staff Writer February 11, 2021

Take This Quiz to Find the Perfect  Dunkin’ Coffee For You! Wondering what coffee to order at Dunkin? Look no further! I have created a quiz to help you find the perfect drink for you, click here...

Have you ever wondered which of the eight ivy league schools you're most like? 
Take this quiz to find out!

Which Ivy league School Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Samir Tusneem, Staff Writer February 10, 2021

If you could attend any Ivy League school, which one would it be? When answering this question, it’s important to determine which school would fit you best, and that is dependent on your personality,...

What Should You Do on Valentine's Day? Take this Quiz to Find Out!

What Should You Do on Valentine’s Day? Take this Quiz to Find Out!

Ellie Hamashima, Staff Writer February 8, 2021

Valentine’s Dates Quiz! This February 14th is an excuse to spoil yourself and loved ones, regardless of relationship status! Whether you prefer staying in or going out, we hope this quiz helps you...

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