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How to Plan Foco (Fake-Homecoming) Safely

Seniors celebrating homecoming a little different this year.
November 6, 2020

When I reflect on my first semester of sophomore year last fall, I definitely wouldn’t have predicted the rest of the year I’d spend communicating with my teachers and taking all my tests via laptop....

Learn about the Different Views of Life at Green Hope From Seniors

7 seniors and some of their views of life. 
Readers: You can take this as advice, enlightening information, or just subjective opinions these students have. No need to bash or ridicule them for their entitled opinion.
November 4, 2020

Our different perspectives are something that makes us humans superior to other mammals. We have evolved to the point where we have structured our brains in a way that allows us to branch off from our...

Seniors’ Constant Talk of College Applications Causes Undue Sophomore Stress

College applications are often a cause of stress near the end of high school.
October 20, 2020

College applications are something seniors undertake as they move towards the end of their high school career, and they also happen to be a great conversation topic. In mixed-grade classes, many upperclassmen...

Humans of GH

Humans of GH
October 16, 2020

This rendition of Humans of GH is highlighting our seniors!!! They answered our questions, told us what they like and dislike, and what they’ll miss most when they inevitably flee the GH Falcon Nest...

Seniors v.s. College Applications: COVID-19 Edition

Seniors v.s. College Applications: COVID-19 Edition
September 23, 2020

Although the start of senior year is supposed to be the beginning of what many consider to be the best year of high school, the first few months are often overshadowed by college applications. As if making...

Seniors, This Is For You

Seniors, This Is For You
October 2, 2017

The first semester of senior year is undeniably a stressful time. Students are bombarded with deadlines and requirements for college applications and scholarships. To assist the student body, we spoke...

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